May 2017

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    Finance For Construction Company In CVA

    Finance for a construction company that's in CVA (creditor's voluntary arrangement)? Most financiers would say "no thank you" but we have partners that can help.It's common when a company has financial problems, or a poor credit history, to just assume that you won't be able to raise any finance from anywhere. Everything these days seems to revolve around having a clean credit history, and a...

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    Pre-Invoicing Requires Trade Finance

    Pre-invoicing is normally a "no-no" in the invoice finance arena but in this case we found a way around it for our client.It means is that the supplier is raising their invoice, to their debtor, before they have delivered the goods (or services) to which the invoice relates. The normal course of business would be to raise invoices, in arrears, after delivery of the product or services.Normally,...

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    Solving A Single Debtor Credit Limit Issue For A Construction Sector Company

    We have just been able to help a construction sector company solve a cash flow issue by getting funding against their single debtor. We were able to find them a credit limit that was several times larger than other funders were able to offer.I wrote recently about our success in helping customers with funding limit problems, and this case was a similar example of how we are able to overcome...

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    Do Tech Savvy People Under Value Recruitment Consultants

    Do younger, tech savvy people tend to undervalue the use of recruitment consultants in finding a job?I recently commented on an interesting post on LinkedIn about why the recuitment process often fails to match the right people with the right jobs. Some of the issues that it blamed were over specific job descriptions and impersonal and excessive use of technology to sift through CVs in the...

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    Help If A Factoring Funding Limit Is Removed

    If you have had a factoring funding limit removed or reduced, it can dramatically affect your ability to borrow money against a customer's invoices. However, you should be reassured that not all factoring companies will take the same view on a particular debtor.GET IN TOUCH TO SEE IF WE CAN HELPA funding limit (or credit limit) is set by the factoring company against each debtor. With a recourse...

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