April 2017

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    How Recourse Factoring Works

    One of the concerns customers sometimes have about using factoring is the worry that they will have to repay the finance against a particular invoice, if the debtor doesn't pay them. This is because the most common form of invoice finance is what we call "recourse" or "with recourse". This means that if an invoice isn't paid after a set period, you have to repay the funding to the factoring...

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    Tiered Prepayment Charging On Invoice Finance

    Tiered prepayment charging is a new offer from one of our invoice finance partners. It means that you pay less if you use less than the full amount of funding available through your invoice finance facility.Prepayment is the percentage of your approved, unpaid sales invoices that invoice finance makes available for your to draw even though the invoice hasn't been paid.The less prepayment you...

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    How To Get A Business Loan

    We are about to complete on another business loan for a client, the second commercial loan arranged in recent weeks. This one will enable a business acquisition, the previous one was to improve cash flow and enable the purchase of materials for an IT project.REQUEST A CALL ABOUT A LOANBoth loans are sizable lends, circa £100K each. One is over a 5 year term secured by way of a personal guarantee...

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    Factoring Price Reduction For Haulage Company

    This is a great example of a recourse factoring price reduction that we found for a haulage company. A circa 50% cost saving on their existing quote.Factoring services provide a business with both upfront money against unpaid invoices, and help collecting in their payments from customers. It can improve the cash flow of a business as the business no longer needs to wait to get paid by its...

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    Reduce Factoring Service Charge By Two Thirds

    Would you like to reduce your factoring service charge by two thirds? That's the range of quotes that we received in a recent mystery shopper pricing comparison exercise.Whilst overall fees varied by a factor or 2.7 times, service charge quotations varied by a multiple of just over 3 times.That is the scale of difference that we found in the recourse factoring service charge quotes that we...

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