March 2017

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    Invoice Finance Job 85K plus Unlimited Bonus

    UPDATE ON THIS POST - RECRUITMENT FOR THIS ROLE HAS BEEN TEMPORARILY SUSPENDEDI have just been asked if I knew anyone that might fit this job in the invoice finance sector - so here are the details in case anyone is interest or knows someone that is looking for a job like this.It's a sales role as the number 2 at a new single invoice finance company, based in North Kent (a sales background is not...

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    Invoice Finance Jobs For Recruitment Agencies Or Job Seekers

    Working with a lot of people within the finance sector, we are often told about jobs that finance companies are seeking to recruit for.We thought it might help to post them onto this blog and add them to our monthly newsletter. So as we come across jobs we will share them here on the blog, and via FundingVoice magazine.You may want to subscibe to our free magazine below if you are:You can...

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    Is Business Loan Demand Increasing?

    Demand for business loans may have increased recently, temporarily outstripping the demand for crowdfunding.Get help finding a business loan.Looking at the trend in Google's search traffic is a good way to measure demand. I have been looking at the volumes of search traffic, in the UK, for the terms "crowdfunding" (CF) and "business loans" (BL). When you look back prior to March 2014, the volume...

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    The Power Of LinkedIn Networking

    I just wanted to share a success story about the power of LinkedIn networking and how it helped a prospect looking for an invoice finance service.Networking is not just about sales, this is an example of how it can work for you creating a sale indirectly. You may have seen that I recently published a blog post about a small seletive invoice finance prospect that we were struggling to find a...

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    Can You Help This Selective Invoice Finance Client?

    Are you a selective invoice finance company that can finance this prospect?We have been contacted by a prospective selective invoice finance client, but we are having difficulty finding an invoice finance company that will help them.If you think you may be able to provide funding to them, please get in touch or call: Sean on: 03330 113622.The key points of the deal, that are proving problematic,...

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    Selective And Whole Turnover Invoice Financing

    Invoice financing can be broken down in many ways, one is into selective invoice financing and whole turnover. Selective means that you choose which invoices you want funded, and whole turnover means that all of them are automatically considered for funding.This infographic show the results from our research to establish the market demand for each approach.As you cans see almost two thirds...

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    Assaulted on the train yesterday

    Yesterday I was kindly invited by Bibby financial services to a charity dinner in London, with Sir Ian Botham and Geoff Miller as guest speakers (which was excellent by the way).On the way back Sean and I caught the train at London Bridge, and due to signal failure the platform was changed, and the train was very overcrowded. So I went past three or four doors before I could see any space to get...

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    The Reasons For Non-Payment In The Construction Sector

    A recent study by Bibby Financial Services identified the reasons for non-payment in the construction sector.On average the survey found that amongst the construction firms surveyed, they wrote off nearly £51K, over the last 3 years, where customers either failed or were unwilling to pay.Of the 250+ construction subcontractors that were interviewed, 27% said that "late payment" was the biggest...

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    CPE Credit Protection Element Refunded Offer

    Another offer for clients from one of our funding partners. If you are looking for bad debt protection (also known as non recourse), you will pay what is called the CPE or Credit Protection Element of your service charge for the bad debt protection.Under the terms of this promotion, our partner is offering to refund the first 6 months CPE charge to new clients, in return for them entering into a...

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