November 2016

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    400,000 Companies Unaware Of Invoice Finance

    I have tried to estimate the potential size of the UK invoice finance market, and my numbers suggest that some 400,000 eligible companies are unaware of invoice finance.There are apparently c. 5.4 million businesses in the UK, according to Government figures.I took a database of UK businesses and selected those that fell within generally acceptable trade sectors for invoice finance. I also...

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    Support Growing For The #IFaware Campaign

    Support is already growing for our #IFaware invoice finance awareness campaign. This is our newly launched initiative to make some small effort to tackle the issue of only 2 out of 3 companies knowing what invoice finance is. However, there is a huge way still to go so we need more people to share this message if we are going to raise awareness levels amongst the 32% that have never heard of...

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    6 Ways To Solve Seasonal Cash Flow Problems

    As we head toward the Christmas period many companies will be begining to experience seasonal cash flow problems.Thefore, below I have set out 6 ways to solve seasonal cash flow problems.At the bottom of this post you will see that there are some further resources, such as case studies and articles, that you may also find helpful.Before setting out the solutions to the problem, the causes need...

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    Pestalozzi Entrepreneurs Talk

    Back in the summer we met with Sue Walton, the CEO of the Pestalozzi children's charity, in Sedlescombe. They do some fantastic work, funding the eduction of exceptional students from all over the world. In fact, they fund not just education but everything for these children. The children often arrive from war torn countries, without even the basics, such as shoes.Pestalozzi also struggle to...

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    Increased Funding Against De Poel For A Recruitment Company

    We have helped numerous recruitment companies that have experienced funding restrictions against RPO debtors. This particular recruiter was turning over £600K pa and was using an invoice finance arrangement with a well known high street bank. They did business with De Poel (a well known RPO) and the bank had imposed a tight, 10% maximum prime debtor restriction on this customer. We were able...

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    Trump Wins US Presidential Election - Trade Prospects With UK?

    Donald J. Trump has made history by becoming the first US presidential election winner not to have served in public office, or the military. #Trump, from a business background, has been chosen by the American people, over a career politician (Secretary of State - Hilary Clinton), as the 45th President of the United States of America. There seems to be somehthing of a parallel with the Brexit...

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    Construction Finance For A New Startup Company

    Recently FundInvoice has added a lot of help and information for construction sector businesses that are looking to raise finance. We have just been able to help a new startup company, which is projecting turnover of £500,000 over the next year, within the construction sector.The company operates as a sub-contractor, providing electrical and mechanical engineering services to the main contractor...

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