October 2016

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    Crowdfunding Makes The Apprentice On BBC1

    The latest bunch of hapless Lord Sugar wannabes kicked off this season off the BBC's #TheApprentice a couple of weeks back. In the second week they demonstrated even less than the normal amount of business accumen, when both teams failed the advertising task. This week saw them taking over part of Liberty of London and, as usual, ignoring the advice of experts sent to help them e.g. having a live...

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    Finance Against JCT Contracts

    At a meeting with one of our construction finance partners recently, they spoke of their ability to provide finance against JCT contracts (the Joint Contracts Tribunal produce standard forms of contract for the construction industry, that can be modified in some cases). It struck me how far the industry has come since I started in factoring back in 1988.Anything contractual was a "no no" back...

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    UK Imports Growing

    HMRC Overseas Trade statistics show imports to the UK growing again in August 2016, continuing to show growth since 2015 levels. Exports however have continued to show a decline over recent months.During August 2016 the value of exports (EU and Non-EU) decreased to £23.3 billion, and imports (EU and Non-EU) increased to £41.4 billion, compared with July 2016. Therefore, the UK is a net...

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    Woodsford Tradebridge Launch Event

    I was very pleased to be invited to the launch party for Woodsford Tradebridge which was held last night, on the iconic London Eye. A superb venue for such an event. The event took place during 2 rotations of the eye and guest took in some amazing views across the city of London whilst champagne and canapes were serves during the "flight".Woodsford Tradebridge is a new trade finance and invoice...

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    Problems With Your Invoice Finance Company

    If you need help because you are having problems with your invoice finance company, first check if they are member of the ABFA (Asset Based Finance Association). Whilst the ABFA is not a regulatory body, the invoice finance companies, that are members, are bound by a code of conduct that is backed up by an independent Ombudsman complaints process.You can read a copy of both the code of conduct,...

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    Contact Details For Invoice Finance Companies

    I have been working on adding a number of direct response forms to our list of invoice finance companies in the UK. These give you the ability to either request that they call you back, or in some cases to provide the details required in order to get a quote (depending upon how the factors modus operandi fits with our standard forms). There are a few more to add but I am working my way through...

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    Funding A Seasonal Toy Manufacturer

    We were recently able to help find funding for a toy manufacturer with a seasonal trading pattern (there is a good definition of a seasonal trading pattern here).  The manufacturers were a newly formed business but growing so fast that they needed more working capital in order to fund their growth. They needed cash in order to be able to pay their large suppliers to terms.Factoring can work...

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    New Home For Glenn Blackman's Invoice Finance Blog

    This is now the new home for Glenn Blackman's Invoice Finance blog! Previously my blog was running on its own domain, glennblackman.co.uk but we thought it would be neater to move everything to the main FundInvoice site (it also cuts down the amount of maintenance needed!). We have also updated all the social media sharing buttons so it should be easier to share posts. You can find the new home...

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