February 2016

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    New Edition Of FundingVoice Magazine Is Available Online

    The latest edition of our monthly FundingVoice magazine is available: Feb 2016 - Finance You Don't RepayIt includes guest articles from MarketInvoice, about improving business cash flow, and In Association - with top tips for advertising....

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    Invoice Finance Clients Seem Generally Happy

    In my new article I look at recent research about the number of existing invoice finance clients that are thinking of moving providers and why: Research Article...

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    Factorable Industry Sectors

    It has taken an age to go through but we now have a full list of factorable industry sectors on the FundInvoice site. Furthermore, it also shows which sectors might be suitable for construction finance or retail finance as an alternative to factoring or invoice finance: Factorable Industry Sectors...

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    Selective Invoice Finance Deal Completed

    Good to see a true selective invoice finance deal just recently completed by FundInvoice. The client may just finance the one transaction (or they may choose to reuse the selective facility again). However it demonstrates that you don't have to be locked into long term contracts to get the benefits of invoice finance. In this case its being used for a one off transaction, under an open ended...

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    Lord Turner Predicts Losses From Peer-To-Peer Lending

    In a piece published by the BBC, former city regulator, Lord Adair Turner was quoted as saying "The losses which will emerge from peer-to-peer lending over the next five to 10 years will make the worst bankers look like lending geniuses,". The quote was buried in a piece about interests rates staying low, maybe only 2% by 2020. However, the most interesting quote to me was the one about P2P...

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    Nearly 6 Times More Crowdfunding Awareness Than Factoring

    Recent research suggests that businesses are nearly 6 times more aware of crowdfunding related advertisements than they are aware of advertisements for factoring and invoice discounting: Crowdfunding vs Factoring...

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    Finance You Can Keep Forever

    You have to pay a loan back. Whether its a crowdfunding loan, or a bank loan, the principle is the same, you make a number of repayments over time which repay the capital that you borrowed and some form of margin, so that they lender makes a return. There are alternatives where you don't have to pay down the finance - you can effectively keep it.It is often overlooked that forms of funding such...

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    Customer Satisfaction Survey Drives Success

    I spent the morning presenting the latest set of customer satisfaction survey results to one of our long term customer satisfaction monitoring clients (outside of the finance sector - which is a refreshing change for me!).They are a large organisation with thousands of customers, and I have conducted customer satisfaction polling, and monitoring, for them for several years. If any hint of an...

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    Invoice Finance On Pinterest

    I have set up a new Pinterest board with pins relating to invoice finance and factoring. It includes many of our research infographics: Invoice Finance & Factoring Pinterest Board...

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    New Crowdfunding Vs Invoice Finance Research

    I have published a new piece of research comparing some aspects of crowdfunding with invoice finance (advertising awareness). You can read my full article here: Crowdfunding Vs Invoice Finance...

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