April 2015

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    Clients Using Factoring, Quotes About Credit Control

    From my recent article about the reasons clients gave for choosing their invoice finance facility, these are quotes directly concerning credit control and invoice collections from clients that were already using factoring:...

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    Quotes About Why Invoice Finance Users Picked Their Facility

    Latest research article: Users of invoice finance - quotes - why they picked their facility.There are many, very positive reasons stated in this extensive list that would be good for any considering invoice finance to read. Many of the benefits of factoring and invoice discounting are captured in these quotes from actual users of these services that responded to our survey....

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    New Case Study - Bodyshop Car Repairs Funded

    A new case study detailing how FundInvoice were able to find factoring for a bodyshop car crash repair garage that were invoicing insurance companies: Factoring Bodyshop Car RepairsFor help call Sean on: 03330 113622...

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    Quotes About Alternatives To Overdraft When Turned Down

    If you are turned down for an overdraft that can often be the catalyst to finding your way to invoice finance. Invoice finance is often not an obvious option as it is not well known or understood by people. These are quotes from invoice finance users about how they have now found their way to these products after being turned down for an overdraft: ...

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    Quote From Invoice Finance Client About Overdraft

    This quote was given by an existing invoice finance client responding to our research study.They were asked why more businesses don't use invoice finance and said: "[Businesses] just go down the overdraft route as probably don?t know what other options are out there"....

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    Client's Ideas About Improving Their Factoring or Invoice Discounting Facility

    These are the ideas that clients came up with to improve their existing factoring or invoice discounting facility: Factoring & Discounting Client IdeasYou will see that the main issue is cost with 16% saying nothing at all.Of all the suggestions given, there really aren't any that they couldn't solve with access to the full range of facilities that are freely available across the industry. We...

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    How Clients Think We Should Promote Factoring And Invoice Discounting

    These are a couple of actual quotes from existing factoring or invoice discounting users that were asked how the industry should address the low levels of awareness of these products amongst UK businesses:Source: Survey of 100 Existing Invoice Finance Users February 2015...

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    How To Increase Factoring and Invoice Discounting Client Numbers

    Another new article, this time documenting the views of 100 existing invoice finance users about what factoring companies and invoice discounting companies could do to increase the number of users of their products.It includes their actual comments about how the industry could promote itself: The Answers - How To Increase Invoice Finance Client Numbers...

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    Revealed - Why Clients Pick Particular Invoice Finance Facilities

    A new article is available that reveals why clients pick particular invoice finance facilities. It details the reasons that they gave for choosing their facility. Key drivers such as help with collections and flexible growth finance are included:Article: Revealed - Why Clients Pick Particular Invoice Finance Facilities...

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    Quotes From More Existing Invoice Finance Users

    Here are some more actual quotes from invoice finance users about why more businesses aren't getting the benefit of factoring and invoice discounting:Read the full set of actual quotes here: Quotes from factoring and invoice discounting users...

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    What Invoice Finance Users Think About Invoice Finance

    This is another quote from our recent survey of existing invoice finance users. People considering using factoring or invoice discounting want to know what existing users think about invoice finance. Therefore, we asked them why they thought so few businesses use invoice finance in the UK. This is what one existing user of the products told us:"Not enough out there about it, never heard of it...

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    New Article With Quotes From Existing Factoring Or Invoice Discounting Clients

    This article sets out 14 actual quotes from existing clients using factoring or invoice discounting: Quotes From Factoring Or Discounting ClientsThe article shows the overall positive perception that clients have of these products and the issues they see that are stopping more businesses from using invoice finance....

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