February 2015

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    Only 0.03% Of ABFA Clients Escalated To Ombudsman Process In A Year

    According to the ABFA (Asset Based Finance Association ) website, the Ombudsman complaints escalation process handled only 13 complaints during its first year. The Ombudsman process was established just over a year ago to deal with complaints from the 43,000 clients of its members. Apparently only 13 complaints, over the course of an entire year, reached the Ombudsman procedure, and of those 6...

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    Invoice Finance Results - The

    The research results from our latest survey of existing invoice finance users have finally been completed. I am in the process of analysing them and I will share the results shortly. Initial impressions are that they will be very interesting to the factoring and discounting companies, shedding light on why existing customers think that market penetration is so low (estimated at c.0.86% of UK...

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    High Street Bank Wants Briefing On Our Research Findings

    It is nice to have been asked by one of the major high street banks to give them a briefing on the findings from our invoice finance research programme. I will post up a copy of the slides from the presentation once its completed but its really positive that someone is serious about trying to understand what factoring and discounting customers want in order to increase the penetration of these...

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    Historic Trend In Invoice Finance Market Penetration

    In the continuing UK Invoice Finance Market Research Group discussion about market penetration on LinkedIn I was asked if I had statistics for the historic trend in the market penetration of invoice finance products.Whilst I have nothing directly comparable, I did a similar exercise detailed here: Historic Market Penetration and as you will see using BIS figures of 4.8m businesses in the UK at...

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    Ban On Assignment Letter To ABFA From EU Federation Of Factoring & Commercial Finance

    Below is a link to the letter sent to the ABFA fro the EU Federation of Factoring and Commercial Finance regarding ban on assignment:Letter to the ABFA From EU Federation of Factoring & Commercial Finance - Ban On AssignmentFor specific help regarding ban on assignment please contact Sean at FundInvoice on: 03330 113622...

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    UK Invoice Finance Market Sizing Against Factorable Businesses

    I was asked if the 0.86% market share of businesses using invoice financing was of just of factorable businesses i.e. trades that would be acceptable to a factoring or invoice discounting company to fund against.To answer the question, no the market share, at the beginning of 2014, that I estimated was c.0.86% of all businesses - not just factorable ones (view market sizing infographic).To...

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    UK Invoice Finance Market Sizing

    I have added a new infographic in PDF form to the FundInvoice site sumarising our sizing of the UK invoice finance (factoring & invoice discounting) findings. It shows a scale diagram of the current number of product users against the total number of UK businesses.It then contrasts that low market penetration (c. 0.86%) with the penetration that we have found within segments such as "fast...

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    Invoice Finance Research Community On Google+

    I have set up a new "community" on Google+ to allow sharing or invoice finance, factoring and invoice discounting related market research findings. Anyone can join....

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