September 2014

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    Hitachi Capital Invoice Finance Letter Of Recommendation

    It's always difficult to know who to trust when you deal with businesses through the web. FundInvoice wanted to make sure that potential customers had the ability to verify their credentials so that they know we are a bone fide organisation that have successfully helped customers that need invoice finance.To help build the trust of potential customers we have added a series of letters of...

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    Mathematical Factoring Resources

    We have had web views looking for maths help with mathematical factoring whereby you identify the components or a number i.e. its factors. Here is a link to a page with a list of relevant resources: Mathematical Factoring...

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    List Of UK Factoring Companies & Help

    If you are looking for a list of the factoring companies in the UK please see this page: UK Factoring Companies ListMost of the companies on the list will offer both factoring and invoice discounting services but if you want some more specific guidance please call Sean on: 03330 113622 and he will be happy to give you some free advice or even to conduct a free factoring quotation search for you....

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    Confidential Factoring Credit Control

    Factoring has benefits such as having your sales ledger chased by a professional credit controller, however some clients are worried that they don't want their customers to know that they are using a factoring service. Confidential factoring is the answer it. The client gets the benefit of using a factoring company's credit control team but all activities are carried out under the client's own...

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    Testimonials From Well Known Banks And Invoice Finance Companies

    I have added to the FundInvoice site a page of testimonials from well known banks and invoice finance companies to help clients feel assured that they are dealing with a bone fide organisation.They include testimonials and letters of thanks from:...

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    Invoice Finance Without Being A Homeowner

    Again we have been discussing another prospective invoice finance client that is not a homeowner. Several invoice finance companies now insist on client company directors being homeowners. Thankfully we have factors on our panel that do not insist in this. The whole approach to this is hard to understand. The key security should be the company's book debts, personal guarantee should only be seen...

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    Breached Your Factoring Facility - Don't Panic!

    A "breach" of your factoring facility means that you have contravened one or more of the rules set out in you factoring agreement. This can result in your factor suspending further funding or even giving you notice of termination. "Breaches" can include: - Raising "fresh air invoices" that don't reflect and underlying sale. - Paying off sales invoices with your own cash. - Banking debtor...

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    Deed Of Priority For Chargeholders

    Factoring and invoice discounting often work well when combined with other forms of lending. Often an invoice financier will seek to take a charge or debenture over their client's business in order to secure the book debts as their security. This can interfere with other lenders who also require a charge or debenture to secure their own forms of lending. In such situations a "deed of priority" is...

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