April 2014

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    FundInvoice Entry Submitted To Startups 100 Index

    FundInvoice has submitted its entry for consideration for the Startups 100 2014 index.The index lists the year's 100 most innovative, fast growing or forward thinking start ups....

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    Invoice Finance Company's Clients Have Used Them For Over 3 Years

    If you think invoice finance users only use alternative finance short term, think again. Another statistic to come out of our survey of 100 existing invoice finance clients, we asked them how long they had been with their existing invoice finance company and on average it was 3.08 years, clearly a long term relationship and not something that they used short term.Within the group that we surveyed...

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    Crowdfunding, Small Businesses And Alternative Finance

    I have been receiving online adverts from a certain well known crowdfunding platform via social media - they seem straightforward enough, funding for businesses with annual turnover of at least £100K using a proportion of a government investment via their platform. Out of interest I have been watching the comments the general public have posted on their advert and some are quite amazing.1)...

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    Definitions: What Is Debt Factoring?

    Looking on the web there are some pretty poor definitions of what debt factoring is on some very well known sites.See my definition: What Is Debt Factoring?...

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    Invoice Finance - Secret Funding Source

    New article on the site about how invoice finance is a secret source of finance that is not well known amongst businesses. It includes some of our research findings regarding the funding of new startups and fast growing businesses.You can read it here: Invoice Finance Secret Funding...

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    Factoring Cost Savings Calculator

    New calculator to workout (illustration only) the factoring cost savings that a business may derive from using factoring. It takes into account all the additional savings e.g. not needing credit controllers, supplier discounts etc. which are often overlooked when considering factoring as an option.Factoring Cost Savings Calculator...

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    Factoring For Small Businesses And New Startups

    Funding is difficult for a new startups or a small business to find - 31% of new startups in our survey said that they couldn't find enough finance initially and of those with restrictions nearly three quarters were relying on just a bank overdraft.This article is about alternative funding - factoring for small or new startup businesses: Factoring For Small & New Startup Businesses...

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    New Start Ups Financing Research Infographic

    Here is a new infographic which summarises the research findings or a survey about the financing of new start up businesses. Vital information about funding new start businesses that should be seen by anyone planning an new start up business or anyone that finances new start ventures.New Start Ups Financing Research Infographic...

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    Invoice Finance Research Summaries

    We have added a research area to the FundInvoice site with links to each of the three invoice finance related market research summaries: Invoice Finance Market ResearchAnyone involved with the invoice finance market, or considering using invoice finance should take a look at our research findings and you can always talk to Sean confidentially for some free, independent advice - or even a quote...

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    Spot Factoring

    Just added some information to the FundInvoice site about Spot Factoring: Spot Factoring...

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    Survey Result Top 6 Invoice Finance Service Companies

    A survey of 2,000 invoice finance users, undertaken last year, asked the clients to rate their invoice finance company overall and these ratings were averaged and compared.These were the top 6 invoice finance service companies that received the highest ratings from their clients in the survey:Read the full article here: Top 6 Invoice Finance Service Providers...

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    First Edition Of FundingVoice Free Magazine Available

    We have launched FundingVoice magazine and the first edition is now available for you to read, free of charge: FundingVoice April 2014The magazine is a compilation of articles contributed by expert authors relating to the improvement of business cash flow and accessing business funding. The first edition had articles about:        There is a subscription link in the right hand column if...

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