February 2014

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    Martin Morrin of Royal Bank Of Scotland Invoice Finance New Chairman of ABFA

    Martin Morrin of the Royal Bank Of Scotland Invoice Finance has been appointed as the new chairman of the ABFA (Asset Based Financing Association) replacing John Onslow of Centric Commercial Finance: ABFA Press Release...

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    Government Green Deal Invoice Finance

    Invoice finance, factoring and invoice discounting is now available against Government Green Deals: Government Green Deal Invoice Finance#invoicefinance...

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    Have you been turned down for invoice finance as you are not a home owner?

    We have recently seen a slightly concerning rise in the number of invoice finance, factoring and invoice discounting companies that are asking for clients to be home owners in order to receive funding from invoice finance. It would be understandable if a client was required to be a homeowner if the credit were particularly risky and the finance company were looking to this kind of additional...

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    Supply Chain Finance, Supplier Finance & Reverse Factoring Article

    All of these terms: supply chain finance, supplier finance and reverse factoring all describe an invoice finance product set whereby the charges and funding of the suppliers of a large organisation are predicated upon their customer i.e. the large organisation. In such cases small businesses can access preferential funding rates and levels but there is then a level of dependency upon the...

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    FundingVoice Magazine Full

    Well the first edition of FundingVoice magazine which shares expert opinions on how to fund your business cash flow, is now fully subscribed in terms of articles for the first edition. We have had a variety of articles contributed by expert authors covering subjects such as cash flow forecasting, credit control and invoice finance.I am now putting it all together ready for our first email out...

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    FundingVoice Free Magazine First Edition Is Taking Shape

    FundInvoice LLP plan to publish the first edition of their FundingVoice magazine on the 26th February with a copy deadline of the 21st. The magazine is sent out by email to our subscriber list and is all about improving the funding within your business. Each month various expert authors contribute articles that support the key theme - expert opinion about business funding. It isn't just about...

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    Confidential Invoice Discounting Despite Previous Business Failures

    This news article explains how FundInvoice LLP were able to help a business that had prior failures behind them secure a Confidential Invoice Discounting facility from a reputable discounter: Confidential Invoice Discounting Despite Previous Business Failures...

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    Retailer Finance

    There are a few finance companies that will fund retailers based on their historic or future takings. Retailer finance can include shops and businesses such as restaurants. In some cases the funding can be recovered from a percentage of future takings via the retailer's credit card machine....

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    How Many Factoring Quotes Is Enough?

    It's a difficult question to answer but here are my thoughts as a factoring broker.If you are going to use a factoring company you want to ensure that you are quoted a competitive, reasonable if not low price but at the same time you need to consider the quality of what you will be receiving in service terms. All factoring services are not equal and in some cases you may benefit from paying...

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