August 2013

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    Deal Completed - CID Found For A Factoring Client

    We were able to assist an engineering client of a factoring company that wanted to move to Confidential Invoice Discounting (CID).Confidential Invoice Discounting enables the client company to undertake their own credit control activity without their customers knowing that there is an invoice discounting company involved. This facility was not available from the client's existing factoring...

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    Deal Completed - Invoice Finance Costs Reduced By £350 Per Month

    This is an example of the cost savings that can be achieved by moving between invoice finance companies.We were able to assist a client of a bank owned invoice finance company that were looking to save some money on their invoice finance costs.We found them a deal which will reduce their invoice finance costs by £350 each month, a saving equivalent to £4,200 per year, a good saving in the cost...

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    High Growth Companies Are 43% Short Of The Funding They Require

    I recently reported that 59% of the 100 high growth businesses (turnover growing by more than 20% over the last 12 months) we interviewed said that they had less funding than they required. These businesses were using a combination of overdraft, loan and family money to fund their businesses. We went on to ask them how inadequate their funding was.On average these high growth businesses that...

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    Deal Completed - Improved Service Switched From Bank Owned Factoring Company

    We have recently been able to find an invoice finance deal for a client that were using a bank owned factoring company but were not happy with the service that they were receiving. The company was turning over circa £1.2 million per annum and we were able to put them in touch with a reputable independent factoring company that were able to improve on the service offering that they were receiving...

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    Deal Completed - Alternative Invoice Finance For A Larger Business

    We have recently been able to help a larger business, turning over £8 million per annum, find an alternative invoice finance facility in order to deliver a cheaper facility that would also provide them with more funding than their existing facility. We were able to put them in contact with an independent invoice finance company that are owned and backed by a major banking organisation. This...

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    48% Of Loan Funding To High Growth Businesses Is Inadequate

    Our survey of high growth businesses recently revealed that 59% of them did not have enough funding and we went on to ask those what type of funding they were using.The results were as follows (note one respondent could use multiple sources of finance):This clearly demonstrates that invoice finance is highly suited to funding high growth businesses where traditional funding sources such as...

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    59% Of High Growth Companies Don't Have Enough Funding

    Further results from our market research survey of 100 high growth companies (turnover growing at 20% or more per annum).59% of fast growing businesses said that they did not have enough funding to support their current growth rate. Amongst those businesses that did not have enough funding, none of them was using invoice finance (factoring & invoice discounting).All 12 of the respondents that...

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    Deal Completed - Factoring For A Printing Company

    We were recently able to help a printing company that were struggling with their business cash flow. Their bank overdraft was no longer sufficient to meet their need for working capital and their debtor days (the time their customers take to pay) were increasing, in fact they had more than doubled placing additional strain on their cash flow.We were able to find them a factoring facility with a...

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