November 2012

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    November 2012 Free Factoring Newsletter Available

    Our latest free factoring newsletter is now available....

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    The Reasons Why Only 2% Use Construction Finance

    As part of our recent #constructionfinance survey we asked 100 construction businesses if they needed to raise finance over the next 12 months - 65% said they did. However, we also asked if they used invoice finance or finance against applications for payment (hereafter called construction finance). Only 2% used construction finance so we went on to ask those that didn't use construction finance...

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    Only 19% Of Construction Businesses Have Had An Invoice Finance/Applications Finance Quotation

    Our construction sector finance survey revealed that 65% of construction business (100 surveyed) anticipate the need to raise finance over the next year and only 2% of construction sector businesses (in our survey) used invoice finance/applications for payment finance.We also asked these construction sector businesses if they had ever received a quotation for invoice finance/applications for...

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    Deal Completed - Jewellery Supplier New To Factoring

    We are regularly able to help businesses that are new to factoring such as a #factoring deal that we completed recently for a Glasgow based jewellery supplier.They were new to factoring but needed funding to support a new product offering. We completed a free, independent quotation search for factoring on their behalf and introduced them to a factoring company that will be able to meet their...

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    Latest Factoring & Invoice Discounting Newsletter Published

    To read a copy of our latest free factoring and invoice discounting #newsletter please see: October 2012 Invoice Finance NewsletterThe newsletter contains details of new product offers, case studies and survey results that we have published....

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    Deal Completed - Factoring For Recruitment Company Growth

    I publish details of a selection of the #factoring deals that we complete through our invoice finance brokerage and a recent example was this recruitment company with a turnover of £1,700,000 per annum who were looking for factoring in order to fund the growth of their recruitment business.The recruitment sector are classic users of factoring as they need to pay their staff before they get paid...

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    Deal Completed - Factoring Steel Stockholder

    Our surveys repeatedly suggest that most #factoring clients are happy with their factoring arrangements but for the minority that is not the case.We were recently able to assist a steel stockholding business turning over circa £2 million per annum that were not happy with their existing factoring company. They felt that the credit controllers at their existing factoring company were being overly...

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    65% Of Construction Businesses Need To Raise Finance

    My previous post was that only 2% of construction sector businesses (we surveyed 100 randomly selected #construction businesses) said they used invoice finance or finance against applications for payment.We went on to question them about their future funding requirements and 65% said that they expected to need to raise further finance during the course of the next 12 months!This should present a...

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    Construction Finance - Invoice Finance - Applications For Payment Finance

    Further results from our #constructionfinance research study during which we questioned 100 randomly selected construction businesses about their finance related requirements.We asked them if they used any form of invoice finance or finance against applications for payment and of the 100 businesses interviewed only 2 said that they did use invoice finance or applications for payment finance. We...

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