October 2012

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    Deal Completed - Recourse Factoring For Archaeologists

    A very strange #factoring deal that we completed recently! Recourse factoring for a firm of archaeologists!They were looking for working capital to fund the growth of their business and we found them a recourse factoring facility that would do that. Recourse factoring will give the client the benefit of a credit control service to help them collect their outstanding sales invoices together with a...

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    Construction Sector Finance Research - Applications For Payment

    We have recently conducted some research into the construction sector and its finance requirements which I am going to publish.Traditionally invoice finance companies didn't get involved with funding the construction sector but that has all changed. There are now a number of options for construction sector businesses where invoice finance companies have developed specialist funding services for...

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    Deal Completed - Confidential Invoice Discounting For Transport & Warehousing Company

    We were introduced to this prospect very late in the process to this Transport and Warehousing company after they had been working with a bank backed invoice discounter for 10 weeks trying to establish a Confidential Invoice Discounting facility. Within 48 hours of contacting us, the prospect had been visited by an independent invoice discounting company that we introduced and a few weeks later...

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    Most Popular Invoice Finance Products

    I have just analysed the last 20 deals that we completed to see which invoice finance products were most popular.Eleven were recourse factoring, four were non recourse factoring (with bad debt protection). Just two were confidential invoice discounting, one was export factoring, one was export CID and one was a debt collection facility.Interesting that recourse factoring (funding with a credit...

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    Another New Fixed Fee Invoice Finance Service Launched

    Another of our invoice finance partners had launched its own fixed fee invoice finance service. A fixed fee service gives the client peace of mind as they know exactly what their charges are going to be each month which helps budgetting and prevents any surprises.This particular offering includes a 3 month service guarantee, one free CHAPS transfer each week and no re-factoring fees or charges....

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    Deal Completed - CID for Joinery Manufacturer

    Confidential invoice discounting found for a client that wanted CID to fund their growth.The client was a joinery manufacturer turning over 1.2m pa but these days CID is available for pretty much all sizes of business.More CID deals to follow . . ....

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    Deal Completed - Factoring For A Recruitment Company

    Some deals are straightforward! Like this recruitment business, turning over £1.7 million a year, thar we just found a non recourse factoring service.They wanted factoring to finance growth and the non recourse option to protect against bad debts.More factoring deals to follow . . ....

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    New Cash Flow Finance Product Launched - Will Beat Your Existing Quote By 10%

    One of our funding partners has just launched a new cash flow funding product, an alternative to overdraft, that is simple, has a single fee, a 6 month trial period and the options of confidentiality and bad debt protection.The product provides a business with 85% of their invoice value as soon as they raise the invoice - the remaining 15% (less their fee of between 0.95% and 2.95% dependent upon...

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    Factoring Deal Completed - Change Factoring Companies Due To Poor Service

    It is not always a case of clients wanting to save costs or raise more finance. Once recent deal wanted to move between factoring companies as they were unhappy with the service they were receiving from their existing factoring company. Most clients that use factoring are happy with the service that they receive but there are always exceptions in any industry.This steel stockholding business...

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    Businesses Expect 14.6% Turnover Growth During Next 12 Months

    Recent figures showed a GDP (Gross Domestic Product) contraction in Q2 2012 of 0.4% but we wanted to understand the level of confidence that businesses had in future growth potential within the UK.So as part of our recent survey of SME businesses we asked 100 business owners "by what percentage do you expect to grow your business' turnover during the next 12 months". Only a handful within our...

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    Sizes Of Factoring & Invoice Discounting Deals Completed

    I have just been looking back over just the last 20 or so factoring and invoice discounting deals that we have completed, to see what size the businesses were.The smallest was a business turning over just £40,000 per annum that wanted recourse factoring. The largest had an annual turnover of £4,000,000 and was seeking confidential invoice discounting (CID). The average client size, across that...

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    Deal Completed - Export Factoring To Spain For Expansion

    Another export factoring deal recently completed for a food producer exporting to Spain, turning over c. £750K pa.They were looking for funding for growth in order to expand their buisness. We were able to find them an export factoring facility in order to fund their business expansion.Export factoring provides the client with both funding against their export sales invoices and a credit...

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