June 2012

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    Client's Sales Grow With Factoring & Invoice Discounting

    Looking further into the ABFA (Asset Based Finance Association) statistics to March 2012 for factoring and invoice discounting in the UK (amongst their members) there was an increase in client's sales turnover of 6.5% on the previous year. Even accounting for the 1.1% growth in just UK based factoring and invoice discounting clients amongst the ABFA's membership that still leaves volume growth of...

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    ABFA Invoice Finance Client Numbers Grow

    At last! the latest figures (March 2012) from the ABFA (Asset Based Finance Association), the invoice finance industry body, show an increase in the number of invoice finance (factoring & invoice discounting) clients by 1.8% (excluding Import Factoring, Stock and ABL) over the course of the previous year. Futhermore, the number of clients (all clients) gained in the quarter was 493 higher than...

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    NatWest Bank Problems

    NatWest bank are apparently experiencing problems that are affecting large numbers of their customers.We have heard reports of customers experiencing delays with payments and there is likely to be a knock-on effect on the cash flow of businesses within the UK as NatWest is such a significant bank within the UK.If your business is experiencing cash flow problems due to this issue or if you...

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    Beat Any Quote By 10%

    There are still invoice finance companies in the market that are prepared to be bold and have said to us that they will look to beat any quote that our clients have by 10% for quality deals! So if you are cost concious and looking to save some money that could be the deal that you are looking for - if so just contact us and the team will do the rest....

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    Asset Finance, Leasing & Hire Purchase For Businesses

    Forms of asset finance such as leasing and hire purchase help buisnesses acquire equipment, plant, machinery, vehicles and even computer equipment for use in their business by allowing them to spread the payments over a long period of time.We now work with an specialist asset finance organisation who can find that type of finance for businesses and we would be happy to put you in contact with...

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