May 2012

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    Flexidraft An Alternative To Overdraft

    Flexidraft has recently been launched by one of our funding partners as a flexible alternative to overdraft. There are no minimum fees and no minimum term for the facility to run which is good news for clients. The Flexidraft will provide up to £50,000 of finance based on funding at 50% of the average sales ledger balance, at rates that are very competitive with a conventional overdraft.If you...

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    Invoice Finance At 0% Over Base For 3 Months And No Set Up Fees

    One of our invoice finance partners are currently offering new customers funding at 0% over base for the first 3 months of their facility and there are no set up fees involved. This funding partner will also accept up to 100% export debts and up to 100% of debts concentrated into a single customer....

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Examples of just a few of our finance partners:

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