March 2012

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    Guaranteed Fuel Card For The Road Haulage Industry With Invoice Finance

    One of our invoice finance partners has just launched a guaranteed fuel card for businesses in the road haulage industry. It is offered in conjunction with an invoice finance facility to overcome the issue of fuel cards being declined. Apparently the decline rate for conventional fuel cards can be 50% but this new guaranteed fuel card seeks to overcome that issue for road haulage businesses that...

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    Government Report

    The UK Government have just published a March 2012 report - Boosting Finance Options for Business, which strongly supports the role of invoice finance (factoring and invoice discounting) as part of the funding solution for UK businesses. Tim Breedon, CEO of Legal and General and Chairman of the Association of British Insurers, was asked by Vince Cable, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation...

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    54% of Businesses Would Prefer Factoring Over Invoice Discounting

    Do businesses prefer factoring or invoice discounting? Common consensus of opinion around the industry would seem to be that businesses generally want invoice discounting and that factoring is not their preference. We put this to the test in a recent market research study. We spoke to 100 randomly selected SME businesses (only 3 used some form of invoice finance already) and we asked them:"If you...

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    Annual Growth In ABFA Client Numbers Masks Quarterly Reduction

    The latest statistics and figures from the ABFA (Asset Based Finance Association) for the quarter ending December 2011 show total advances against pure invoice finance against debt growing by some 7% over the year. Over the year domestic and export factoring and invoice discounting client numbers across the ABFA have also ticked up by 270 clients equivalent to c. 0.7% growth. Unfortunately, the...

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    Earn Money By Linking To Our Site

    We have launched an Affiliate Web Marketing Scheme whereby anyone with a web site can earn money by having a link to our site....

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    How To Get Out Of Factoring In 10 Steps

    Factoring helps thousands of businesses and we have many clients that are very happy using factoring facilities. However, we were recently contacted by a business that wanted to know how to get our of factoring as they were not happy with the facility they had from their factoring company. Therefore, to service this small niche we devised the following guidance notes for businesses that want to...

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