January 2012

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    Switching From Overdraft to Invoice Finance

    My recent article "How to switch customers from overdraft to invoice finance" has just been published by Commercial Finance Today.The article explains the results of our recent research into the reasons for customers using overdrafts and what customers say is needed in order to entice them to switch from overdraft to invoice finance.If you are interested in switching from overdraft to invoice...

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    100% Of Invoice Value Funded - Special Offer Just Launched

    One of our finance partners has just launched a new special offer to appeal to small businesses. 100% funding against your invoices for businesses looking for a funding line of up to £50,000. They will of course make a charge for using the facility but this makes calculating your early payment/initial payment percentage very easy for small businesses.The offer is is for businesses that sign our...

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    UK Invoice Finance Research Group Tops 300 Members

    Good news, the membership of the UK Invoice Finance Research Group (see Linkedin.com) is now 306 members, having broken through the 300 member mark recently.This is something of an achievement when you consider the size and specialist nature of our sector.If you would like to join our free discussion group please follow this link: http://www.linkedin.com/groups?mostPopular=&gid=3323843...

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Examples of just a few of our finance partners:

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