August 2011

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    Just Joined Google+

    I have just joined Google+For details follow the link: Google+...

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    Latest Free Invoice Finance Newsletter

    This is a link to our latest free invoice finance newsletter including an offer on cost of funds for the first 3 months of any facility....

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    Competition Amongst Factoring & Invoice Discounting Companies On Prices Increases

    We have noticed an increase in the level of competition regarding quoting for factoring and invoice discounting between factoring & invoice discounting companies over recent months.Over the last couple of years, following some of the fallout from the credit crunch, there was a marked decrease in the appetite of invoice finance companies to quote more competitive rates. However, this seems to be...

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    Updated UK Invoice Finance Research Summary Paper Part 2

    Please feel free to download a copy of our latest invoice finance related research summary paper. This is the second in a series of summaries and it follows on from the previous one that we published:Invoice Finance Research Summary Part 2It summarises the results of our research findings over the last few months regarding invoice finance, factoring & invoice discounting. Please feel free to...

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    FSB Support for Business Growth - But Where Is Invoice Finance?

    Members of the FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) receive the East Sussex Voice of Business publication. In the May/June 2011 publication on page 8 it mentions "Products to Support Business Growth". Invoice finance, factoring and invoice discounting would seem key to this. The article provides a link to a PDF:...

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    How Clients Suggest the Industry Promotes Invoice Finance

    Below is the title of my latest invoice finance article published by Commercial Finance Today:How Clients Suggest the Industry Promotes Invoice Finance....

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