July 2011

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    200+ Members Join UK Invoice Finance Research Group

    The membership of the UK Invoice Finance Group on Linkedin.com has broken through the 200+ barrier. Not bad when you consider that is equivalent to the entire staff of a mid-sized factoring company, and there are probably no more than a maximum of c. 90 factoring companies in the UK in total.To join our free invoice finance discussion group go to:...

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    25% Of SMEs Think Accountants Are The Key To Invoice Finance Growth

    I have been continuing to dissect the results of our survey question to SMEs when we asked what they thought the invoice finance industry should do to better promote itself as a cash flow solution.The top answer (27% of respondents) as previously reported was that "Banks advertising" the products was the most popular methodology however a very close second answer was "Promotion by Accountants"...

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