June 2011

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    Are Banks, Banking Packages & Banking Offers The Key To Growing Invoice Finance?

    Much of our research has shown that invoice finance is not well known within business circles. Some 41% of businesses thought that lack of knowledge/promotion was the key reason for invoice finance not being taken up by more businesses.Our attention turned to what should be done about that. Therefore, we questioned 100 SMEs and asked them the following question: "Our research suggested that...

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    Invoice Finance Should Be The Natural Choice For Problems Raising Business Finance

    Invoice finance, such as factoring & invoice discounting, should be the natural choice for businesses that are anticipating problems raising business finance for their businesses. However, our research suggests that many businesses still anticipate problems raising business finance despite invoice finance being freely available.Of the 59% of businesses that said they were anticipating problems...

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    Funding At 1% Over Base Rate For First 3 Months

    We have a new factoring offer which is currently available from one of our funding partners that is available to any qualifying buisnesses that contact us. It is funding at 1% over base rate for the first 3 months of a factoring facility with our partner, on a contract that runs for 3 months. Contact us for the full terms, conditions and qualifying criteria.This is good news for factoring users...

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    Are Banks Cutting Back On Credit For Business Finance?

    We surveyed 100 SMEs and asked them if they anticipated problems raising business finance during 2011. 59% said they did and we went on to ask the 59% why.The top response, from 39% (23 respondents) of those that anticipated problems raising finance, was that they thought that banks were cutting back on credit.A curious perception as the major banks have been targetted to increase their lending...

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