May 2011

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    SMEs Anticipate Fewer Problems Raising Business Finance in 2011

    One of our research questions to a sample of 100 SMEs was: "Do you anticipate any problems raising business finance in 2011?". Their responses were as follows:We asked the same question last year when 71% of respondents said "Yes", a 12 point percentage swing.This suggests that SMEs are expecting fewer problems raising finance in 2011 than in the previous year although it also highlights a...

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    My Latest Article Published In Commercial Finance Today

    This is a link to my latest article - "What Customers Hate About Invoice Finance" which has been published in Commercial Finance Today the ENewsletter written by Commercial Finance People: What People Hate About Invoice FinanceIt describes the results of our research into customer's "pet hates" about invoice finance but also promotes the view that most of their pet hates are not common across all...

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    List of

    We interviewed a sample of 100 SMEs and asked them to set aside any issues about cost and tell us what they disliked about invoice finance (factoring & invoice discounting) - their "pet hates". The purpose was to set out a list of issues that the individual providers might like to consider addressing. Whilst the list reflects their opinions and issues, it is clear that there are facilities on the...

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    Factoring & Invoice Discounting The Solution For High & Fast Growth Businesses

    Invoice finance facilities such as factoring and invoice discounting have always been seen as the solution for high growth businesses and this is confirmed by the ABFA (Asset Based Financing Association) statistics to December 2010.They show that amongst the ABFA's members their client businesses grew their sales by 11% over the previous year. This rate of growth is enormous compared with the...

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    Factoring Overcomes Bank Overdraft & Loan Restrictions

    This is a recent deal that we have just completed for a printing business that went to a bank for an overdraft/loan but found it to be restrictive and were given factoring which they found expensive. We were able to find them an alternative factoring deal that provided the funding flexiblity they needed but also saved them 50% on the service charge cost that they had been been paying.This is an...

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    6 Months Free Bad Debt Protection Now Available

    One of our funding partners has just announced that they are offering clients that commence with them prior to 31st July 2011 free bad debt protection for the first 6 months of a factoring or invoice discounting facility.The only conditions are that no one debtor must exceed 40%, exports must be 25% or less and the minimum contract period must be 18 months with 6 months notice of...

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    Invoice Finance Latest Free Newsletter Available Online

    Our latest invoice finance newsletter is now available online....

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    Audits Not Liked By Invoice Finance Prospects

    Putting aside costs, "funding limits" were the biggest pet hate amongst invoice finance prospects within the SME. The second most common response was "audit". The audit is a visit by the factoring or more commonly the invoice discounting company in order to go through the records of the invoice finance using company. The purpose of the audit visit is to better control the risk of the invoice...

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    Funding Limits The Biggest Invoice Finance Pet Hate

    We asked a sample of 100 SMEs businesses to put aside cost as an issue with invoice finance (such as factoring & invoice discounting) and asked them what else they hated about the existing invoice finance offerings on the market.The top answer was "funding limits" which was stated by 20% of the respondents.Not all factors work in the same way regarding funding limits....

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    Commercial Finance People Were Kind Enough To Say . . .

    Prue Heron of Commercial Finance People, the publishers of the ENewsletter Commercial Finance Today was kind enough to give the following testimonial in respect of the articles that I have written for Commercial Finance Today:'Glenn has been submitting articles for our monthly ENewsletter ?Commercial Finance Today? for some time now and we are delighted to report that our statistics show that his...

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