April 2011

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    What Is Missing From The Invoice Finance Market?

    We questioned 100 SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises) regarding what they thought was missing from the invoice finance market. I have already published some of the results but below is a full list of the responses that were received:...

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    Invoice Finance Not Promoted Enough

    When we questioned 100 SMEs about what was missing from the invoice finance market 14% said "advertising" and 12% said "general awareness of what invoice finance is".In total these reponses represent 26% of all respondents to our market research survey that are raising the issue of the lack of promotion of invoice finance as a significant market gap. This is an opportunity to be addressed by...

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    28% Of Businesses Want Instant Online Set Up & Approval For Invoice Finance

    In our recent poll of 100 SME businesses, we asked them what they thought was missing from the invoice finance market. After "flexibility" of funding - which was the most popular response, 28% of respondents said they wanted "instant online set up & approval" for invoice finance.This reflects the growing demand we have seen for online access to financial products as businesses have become more...

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    31% of SMEs Think "Flexibility" of Funding Is Missing From the Invoice Finance Market

    We surveyed 100 SMEs and asked them:"What is missing from the invoice finance market?"The top answer from 31% of the repondents "flexibility". They went on to explain that this related to flexibility of funding from factoring and invoice discounting facilities. An interesting result as many invoice finance companies pride themselves on being flexible regarding funding - especially when compared...

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    150 Members Join UK Invoice Finance Research Group

    We are up to 150 members! The UK Invoice Finance Group on Linkedin.com has continued to grow and we have now reached 150 members.The UK Invoice Finance Research Group is intended to enable the sharing of research relevant to invoice finance, factoring, invoice discounting and related subjects to aid in the expansion of the UK invoice finance market....

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