September 2010

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    100% of Businesses Surveyed Can't Name the Invoice Finance Industry Body

    As part of our latest SME survey we asked 100 SME businesses if they could name the industry body for invoice finance.Not a single respondent was able to give the name!The ABFA (Asset Based Finance Association) is the main industry body for invoice finance and these latest results highlight that the profile of the ABFA is very low, reflecting the generally low awareness of invoice finance amongst...

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    Risk of UK Double Dip Recession Increases

    I have been reading a variety of things on the web regarding the apparently rising possiblity of a double dip recession in the UK economy.House prices have fallen again for the third month running, the HMRC appear to be taking an tougher stance regarding VAT time-to-pay agreements (according to an email update recently received) and there is also talk of investors seeking defensive investments in...

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    Invoice Finance Product Launched For Very Small Businesses

    There seems to be mounting interest in smaller businesses at last amongst the invoice financiers. Over the last couple of years there has been little on offer to small businesses but suddenly there are a number of products coming onto the market specifically for them.One such product has just been launched by a major bank that is one of our funding partners. The invoice finance product is...

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    Invoice Finance for Start-Up Businesses

    One of our funding partners has a specialist invoice finance product for start-up businesses. The product has been tailored specifically to match the needs of a new start-up company and provides the following additional benefits in addition to the invoice finance itself for a fixed monthly administration fee:...

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    100% of Clients Surveyed Would Recommend Us

    In a survey that was conducted amongst our clients 100% of those asked said that they would recommend our search service for invoice finance, factoring and invoice discounting quotations.I was just reading a piece of research on behalf of the ABFA in conjunction with YouGov that found that 82% of existing users of factoring and invoice discounting would recommend it to other businesses as a form...

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    How To Overcome Invoice Finance Funding Restrictions

    We have been dealing with a prospect who has invoice finance from a provider that has imposed some heavy funding restrictions.The existing invoice finance company were only funding at a low percentage but they had also set their client a completely unrealistic target for debtor days with a reduction of 1% in their funding percentage for every day by which they exceeded the target! This had caused...

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    Supply Chain Finance & Reverse Factoring Article

    I have just written a new article for the main site "Supply Chain Finance & Reverse Factoring" that explains how it works, the benefits to suppliers and buyers and the types of businesses that might be eligible.Supply Chain Finance or Reverse Factoring are very attractive, cost effective concepts for businesses that are involved in the supply chains to huge businesses e.g. retailers, supermarkets...

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    Factoring Finance Launched for IT Industry (Information Technology)

    One of our funding partners has launched an innovative specialist factoring finance facility for IT (Information Technology) related businesses.This gives businesses in the IT sector access to funding that might not have been otherwise available. Funding can be provided against staged invoices, servicing, maintenance contracts, software development & integration and complex contractual IT...

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    Linkedin UK Invoice Finance Research Group Link

    This link should take you to the page where you can join the UK Invoice Finance Research Group on Linkedin: will need to join Linkedin to join the group but all our research results are being published to that group....

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    The Funding Alternative If Refused An Overdraft

    We are talking to a business that has been turned down and refused an overdraft by one of the high street banks as the business does not have any assets the bank will consider as security for an overdraft.This is a typical example of a small business that is not yet asset rich but still needs working capital to bridge the gap between the time that they invoice and the time that they get...

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    Finance Cost Is The Biggest Issue That Is Being Addressed By Some Invoice Finance Companies

    The research that we have published in the past demonstrated that 41% of SMEs thought that cost was the biggest reason for businesses not taking up invoice finance. Our research has also revealed that 100% of SMEs think that the availability of business finance has reduced over the last year and 86% also believe that the cost has increased over the same period.This may be true generally but there...

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