August 2010

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    Absolute Invoice Finance Rebranded As Aldermore Invoice Finance

    Notification has just been received that Absolute Invoice Finance (formerly known as Cattles Invoice Finance) have rebranded once again as Aldermore Invoice Finance, a division of Aldermore Bank PLC, who acquired the business last year....

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    Research Results Posted to Linkedin UK Invoice Finance Research Group

    The UK Invoice Finance Research group on Linkedin now has 46 members and I have already posted up some of the research that we have conducted into the UK market. More research results will follow together with new studies that we are undertaking at present.Please visit sign up to Linkedin and then join the UK Invoice Finance Research group which is open to anyone with an interest...

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    UK Invoice Finance Research Group Launched On Linkedin

    Last night I created a group on Linkedin called "UK Invoice Finance Research" group which already has 22 new members! The purpose of the group is to share research findings relevant to invoice discounting in order to aid the expansion of the market.Initially I will update it with some of the findings that I have posted to this blog but we are constantly conducting new research so that will also...

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    VAT Arrears Repayment Pressure Rises Amongst Prospects

    We have noticed a number of new prospects recently mentioning pressure from the HMRC for the repayment of outstanding VAT arrears as the reason for seeking factoring or invoice discounting. In addition, half of those that mentioned VAT arrears also said that they had received a letter from HMRC advising them of their intention to visit and verify their VAT returns....

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    How Big Could The Invoice Finance Market Become?

    I have just written a piece for the Commercial Finance Today publication titled: "The Prize - The Potential Size of the UK Invoice Finance Market" that attempts to size the potential target market for invoice finance in the UK if some of the issues I set out in my last article were to be addressed.My article should be in this months edition of Commercial Finance Today from Commercial Finance...

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    Factoring Service Charges From Just £2,000 Per Annum

    We are always on the lookout for the best factoring deals for our clients. The "best deal" doesn't always mean the cheapest rates but in some cases that is the primary criteria by which a prospective client wants to compare factoring companies and offers.We have just established a relationship with a new factoring partner that is able to offer a small business a factoring facility with a...

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    Asset Based Lending Industry Loses Another 347 Clients In Q1 2010

    Statistics from the ABFA (Asset Based Finance Association) for the first quarter of 2010 show that their members recorded an overall net decrease in client numbers of 347 during the quarter.These figures include members clients using the following products: domestic factoring, domestic invoice discounting, export and mixed export & domestic, import factoring, stock finance and ABL (asset based...

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    Example of How Not Understanding Invoice Finance Can Cost Money

    Much of the research that I have published recently has suggested that there is a general lack of understanding amongst businesses about invoice finance products. We have just seen the perfect example of a prospective customer not understanding how invoice finance products work which has been costing them money.Our Invoice Finance brokerage has been in contact with a prospective customer that was...

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    The Secret To Selling More Invoice Finance

    My article "The Secret To Selling More Invoice Finance" has just been published on the Commercial Finance Today website.The article sets out a summary of the feedback we have captured from numerous clients that we have spoken to over recent years. In the article I outline the key changes that would be required to rapidly increase the number of factoring and invoice discounting clients....

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    Newsletter Published

    The July 2010 newsletter has now been published.This issue includes articles about:...

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    Cash Crunch - Only 7% Of SME Businesses Face A Lack Of Credit

    Contrary to popular opinion, our recent research survey found that only 7% of SME businesses questioned stated that a "lack of credit" was the biggest issue facing their business over the next year i.e. an inability to get credit from suppliers and/or financiers.71% were concerned with cash or cash flow related issues and 22% were concerned about the lack of sales, but lack of credit was far less...

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