June 2010

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    Is Only One Factoring Company Marketing & Advertising?

    Yesterday I posted that 80% of SMEs in our recent invoice finance survey said that they had not seen any advertising whatsoever for invoice finance. This lead us to question the remaining 20% about what they had seen.In all cases, the only advertising they said they had seen was an information pack that was sent to them by one of the invoice finance arms of a single major high street clearing...

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    80% Of Businesses Have Not Seen Invoice Finance Advertising

    As part of our continued investigation into the low numbers of businesses using invoice finance we asked a sample of 100 SMEs (Small and Medium Sized Businesses) if they had seen any advertising for invoice finance over the course of the last year.A staggering 80% of businesses had seen absolutely no invoice finance advertising whatsoever!...

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    42% Of SMEs Can't Name Any Invoice Finance Companies

    As part of our recent invoice finance related survey we asked 100 SME businesses to tell us the first invoice finance companies that came into their mind.Our expectations were that their answers would reflect the handful of proactive invoice finance companies that are making a good job of promoting themselves. However, some aspects of the resulting answers were quite shocking - in particular the...

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    June 2010 Budget Implications

    Following the chancellor's June 2010 Budget announcement yesterday, attention now turns to the implications on the UK economy.Some of the key aspects, that will impact the economy, from the June 2010 budget, were the rise in VAT from January 2011 from 17.5% to 20% and the cut in government departmental budgets by 25%. Whilst these measures are undoubtedly necessary to reduce the UK's huge budget...

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    SMEs Dramatically Over Estimate The Number Of Invoice Finance Users

    Our research amongst SMEs also revealed that 49% of those SME businesses we questioned dramatically over estimated the proportion of UK businesses that use invoice finance, when the actual number is very low, in part due to poor promotion of these cash flow products by the industry.In fact the number of UK businesses using invoice finance is less than 1% of the total number and we have some more...

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    SMEs Unanimously Think Invoice Finance Improves Customer's Cash Flow

    Our invoice finance research results are now available and I will post them to the blog over the next few days.This time the researchers spoke to 100 SMEs (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises) and asked them a variety of questions around their views, attitudes, perceptions and expectations regarding invoice finance. This has yielded some fascinating results.One question we asked was "If a customer...

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    Factoring Research Results Available Tomorrow

    The next set of factoring and invoice discounting related research is going to be available tomorrow so I will start posting some more results.This time the research questions were focused around attitudes and expectations regarding factoring, invoice discounting and invoice finance....

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    Football World Cup Surprise Result

    With the football World Cup in full swing we were expecting our flow of factoring and invoice discounting enquiries to dry up, as people took time off to watch the world cup on TV! Surprisingly, the converse has been true - in the last few days we have seen a surge in the number of new invoice finance enquiries which has been an unexpected surprise result!Let's hope that England win - that would...

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    Asset Based Finance Association (ABFA) Q1 2010 Figures Published

    The latest set of invoice finance industry statistics from the Asset Based Finance Association (ABFA) for Q1 2010 have been published on their website.They show growth of 8% in client's sales volumes in the year to date against the previous year but they also show a decrease of just over 7% in the number of actual clients using invoice finance (now 41,275) as the number of clients lost has...

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    Newsletter - 3K Saving, Construction Finance & Selective Invoice Discounting

    The latest invoice finance newsletter is now available.It includes details of the 3K factoring facility that we have been promoting, finance for businesses within the construction sector and selective invoice discounting without any minimum charges....

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    Factoring or Invoice Discounting Funding At 0% Over Base Rate

    We have just been given first notification of a funding offer from one of our partners. They are offering new customers funding at 0% over base rate for the first 3 months of their factoring or invoice discounting facility.The offer is available for funding lines of up to £1,000,000 so a business using the full £1,000,000 that was currently paying, for example, 3% over base would save £7,500...

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