May 2010

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    ABFA (Asset Based Financing Association) Annual Dinner Tonight

    Tonight it's the annual dinner organised by the ABFA (Asset Based Financing Association), the key industry organisation for factoring and invoice discounting companies. So I will see anyone that is going there!...

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    Trade Finance For Small Transactions

    I spent my initial working years in trade finance dealing with large volume imports of just about any product you can imagine from outside the UK. The trade finance company provided the funding to the importer via services such as setting up letters of credit for payment of their overseas suppliers which could be based all over the world including europe, africa, north america, south america,...

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    Tough Measures Ahead To Balance The UKs Budget

    Now the the UK has the stability of a Conservative Liberal Democrat coalition government in place the role of the new government has turned to taking action to sort out the disasterous state of the UK's finances. This will undoubtedly mean tough measures to balance the public finance. There has already been talk of a hike in VAT from 17.5% up to 20%. This will boost revenue to the exchequer but...

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    May 2010 Invoice Finance Newsletter Brief Written

    The brief for our May 2010 invoice finance newsletter has been written. This months newsletter includes a case study of a quotation for £3K per annum factoring, an article about construction finance and details of selective invoice discounting for small businesses....

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    Invoice Discounting Masquerading As Factoring

    Recently, we have spoken to several businesses who have had lukewarm opinions of factoring generally due to the existing service that they are using failing to assist them in collecting their outstanding sales invoices - credit control. What appears to be happening is that some invoice finance companies are offering an invoice discounting facility under the banner of a factoring offering.In order...

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    3K Factoring Case Study Published

    We have just published a case study showing how we found a quotation for a client for a factoring facility at a £3,000 per annum service charge during April 2010 that will deliver them a substantial factoring cost saving....

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    More Uncertainty For UK Businesses Due to Hung Parliament & Greek Economic Issues

    The uncertainty for UK businesses has multiplied yet again with the news of a hung parliament in the 2010 UK general election. With no one party being able to command a majority in the house of commons the prospects seem remote that there will be a stable alliance formed although its obviously too early to tell for sure - the likelyhood is that the UK will face another general election in the...

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    Construction Factoring Finance

    Construction Factoring Finance can enable businesses in the construction sector to raise up to 70% funding against their outstanding sales invoices, with the balance paid (less charges) when the customer pays.Businesses with a CIS UTR number, those that make uncertified applications for payment and businesses that are involved with stage payments can all be eligible for funding using this unique...

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    A List Of My Articles Published By Ezine Articles

    Below is a link to a list of cash flow and invoice finance related articles that I have written and have been published by :They include the following articles:- Why Do So Few UK Businesses use Invoice Finance?- 7 Ways to Increase Business Cash Flow Over Holiday Periods- Benefits of Factoring Over an Overdraft- How to Get Factoring For Free- Avoiding the Pitfalls of Entering...

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