March 2010

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    How Many Factoring Price Quotes Do You Need?

    Prospective clients are often unsure about how many factoring price quotes they should get before they have enought to make a decision. I have put together an article that takes a logical approach to how many quotations you should seek in order to make an informed choice and decision....

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    Factoring Newsletter Brief Completed!

    I have just finished writing the brief for the latest factoring newsletter.This issue will include details of the factoring quote where we were able to offer the prospect a cost saving of 50% of the total cost, information about avoiding minimum discount charge base rates and some more findings from our invoice finance research.The factoring newsletter is free and you can subscribe using the link...

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    ABFA Launch Invoice Finance Presentation

    The ABFA (Asset Based Finance Association), the industry body for invoice finance companies has just launched a presentation format explanation of invoice finance, factoring and invoice discounting.The presentation addresses how different invoice finance products work, the amount of finance you could raise that how the costs work.You can view the presentation at:...

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    More Details Of That 50% Invoice Finance Cost Saving

    Yesterday I mentioned that we had managed to find one prospect an invoice finance deal that would save them 50% of their current costs, today I have more details of that cost saving case study.The prospect was a small wine supplier that had a recourse factoring deal from a bank owned factoring company.They were paying a combined service charge and discount charge of over £12,000 per annum in...

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    50% Cost Saving For Invoice Finance Client

    We have just completed a quotation search for invoice finance for one client and found them a 50% cost saving on their existing fees! Not bad for a free service!A regular issue that we are finding with prospective clients at the moment is that they are paying discount charge over a minimum bank base rate rather than at actual base rate. Whilst base rate is currently only 0.5% some prospects are...

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    An Insider's Guide to Invoice Finance, Factoring & Invoice Discounting

    I am currently writing a free ebook called "An Insider's Guide to Invoice Finance, Factoring & Invoice Discounting" to be published soon.It will contain full explanations of all the different invoice financing products and tips and advice about avoiding the pitfalls and common issues that arise when using invoice finance.I am also including detailed information about how different factors work,...

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    21% of Businesses Refused Bank Credit Not Told Why

    Just read in Business Money that Graydons UK have conducted some research and found that 21% of businesses that are refused credit by a bank are not told why by the bank! Staggering!...

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    What Is It With Medication Spammers!

    Yet another stream of posts deleted about prescription medications from the usual spammers! There is no way I am going to allow your comments to publish so why not save yourselves some time :o)...

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    Cost of Business Finance Rises

    86% of SMEs (Small and Medium Sized Businesses) that we spoke to said that they thought that the cost of business finance had increased over the last year.The remaining 14% thought that costs had stayed the same - interestingly noone thought that the cost of business finance had decreased.Despite this our free search service for invoice finance quotations has continued to be able to cut the cost...

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    February 2010 Invoice Finance Newsletter Published

    Our February 2010 free invoice finance newsletter is now available.It details some of the results from our recent survey of SMEs about their views on the outlook for the UK economy and their attitudes towards invoice finance. It also contains reference to one of the Dragons from Dragon's Den using receivables financing to support the acquisition of a buisness....

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    February Invoice Finance Newsletter Published

    Our latest invoice finance newsletter for February 2010 has now been published.It contains some of the results of our recent survey of UK SMEs that shows businesses are optimistic about the future and it has information about a receivables financing deal put in place to support a business being purchased by one of the Dragons from the TV show Dragon's Den....

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