January 2010

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    January 2010 Invoice Finance Newsletter Published

    Please feel free to read our free January 2010 Invoice Finance newsletter that includes information and advice about factoring, invoice discounting and improving business cash flow....

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    Size Of The Factoring & Invoice Discounting Market

    Following on from my previous posts about the Factoring & Invoice Discounting market being far from the point of saturation we ran some counts today to see how big the potential size of the market in the UK is.Dun & Bradstreet's Marketplace of UK Businesses lists 5,857,600 records for businesses in the UK. We selected from that list only businesses that had a turnover in excess of £200,000 per...

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    Factoring Market Saturation?

    I have just been reading an article written by an industry broker about the factoring and invoice discounting markets reaching the point of "saturation".Wikipedia defines "market saturation" as the point at which a product has become diffused (distributed) within a market and it gives the example of refrigerators being present in 97% of homes - a saturated market.According to the September 2009...

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    New Invoice Finance & Business Climate Trends Survey Launched

    I have just completed the design and launch of our new Invoice Finance & Business Trends Survey which seeks to find out business people's attitudes to the current business climate, the economy, business finance and invoice finance.It is based on the short survey that I announced on the blog a few days ago but incoporates further questions that will be asked of business leaders by telephone...

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    7 Ways to Increase Cash Flow Over Holiday Periods

    Following the inevitable slow down in customer payments over Christmas and New Year, we have just published an article on the site which sets out 7 Simple Ways to Increase Cash Flow Over Holiday Periods....

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    UK Business Conditions Survey

    It would be much appreciated if you would complete our 10 question multiple choice survey about current UK Business Conditions, the results of which will be published on the blog and in future newsletters.Survey ClosedThanks...

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    HMRC "Time to Pay" Scheme

    At the end of last year there was much speculation about the impact of the withdrawal of the HMRC's "Time to Pay" scheme, that has allowed 160,000 businesses additional time to pay their outstanding tax liabilities and VAT. This was followed by the announcement from the government that the "Time to Pay" scheme is to be extended for "as long as is needed".This prompts the question - as to exactly...

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