March 2009

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    Michael Jackson - the Answer to All Our Economic Problems!

    I have just read about the huge demand for tickets to the concerts of the century, Michael Jackson's "This Is It" shows at the O2 arena. Reports over the last week have suggested 750,000 people registering for tickets that have a face value of £50 - 75 with the secondary resale market offering them for vastly inflated sums such as £500, £1,050 and even one report of a single ticket being...

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    Confidential Factoring and Invoice Discounting

    Recently we have been in contact with a small printing business that have been considering factoring (to release the cash tied up in their invoices for working capital) but they are concerned about any adverse effects if their customers were aware that they were using an invoice factoring service.There are a number of solutions available. "Confidential Invoice Discounting" could be the answer if...

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    Dawn of the "Era of No Money"

    An interesting post in the Times Online today "Welcome to the era of no money".It seems like at last the inevitable for our economy has become apparent, the "consumer spending era" cannot continue indefinitely (surprise, surprise!) despite the current desperate attempts to spend our way out of recession.The high levels of consumer spending that have fuelled our economy have been supported by the...

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    Overdrafts being converted to loans?

    The British Bankers' Association recently released figures showing that the amount lent to small businesses through overdraft fell at the end of 2008 by £457 million in the same period the amount lent on term loans (a loan with a fixed period and potentially more security and fees) rose by £220 million.These figures suggest two things. Firstly that there may have been a movement in bank lending...

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