September 2008

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    Access to Funding in the Factoring Market

    Whilst the ongoing credit crunch saga and the recent events with Lehman's bank are affecting the availability of finance generally, the factoring and invoice discounting markets are still relatively unscathed.Some of the factors and discounters have tightened up their funding criteria but there are still players within the market that are leading by being bold with the finance they will offer....

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    What will be the Effect of the Bankruptcy of Lehman's Bank?

    Lehman's, america's 4th biggest investment bank has apparently filed for bankruptcy triggering a wave of speculation about what the future effect will be on the rest of the world?It would seem most likely that Lehmans assets will be sold off cheaply, driving down the price of similar assets which will only be bad news for the captial adequacy requirements (the ratio of capital that a bank needs...

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    How Much Worse Will The Economy Get?

    When you work within the finance industry you often see the first signs of economic problems. This was true with the recent "credit crunch" related economic issues. Some of the factoring companies that we deal with started mentioning increases in the number of debtors that have failed, 6 to 9 months ago and as is often the case the construction sector seems to have been particularly badly hit due...

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    Free Factoring Newsletter

    We have just finished sending out our latest factoring newsletter which includes an article about how factoring charges and payments have changed over the years and our predictions for the future. There will be futher articles in future editions of the newsletter along the same lines, changes to the factoring industry, so watch this space.You can sign up for our newsletter at: REGISTER FOR OUR...

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